Pearl Mapex UFIP Paiste Tama Evans Remo

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Coming soon...  the new kit..!

Ryland Teifi gig

Pearl Drums:


Vintage Export Series in piano black,10",12",16" toms,22" BD (usual set up)

Plus 8",13" toms & 8",10" concert toms.

Dennis Chambers 14" sig.snare (gold)


Mapex Black Panther snare 14"x5.5" (gold)

Hayman Vibrasonic 14"x5" birch snare


Hayman Vibrasonic drumset 1969



Tama 8" & 10" tympani toms.


UFIP cymbals:


Class Series:

8" splash H

10" splash M

16" crash H

19" crash M

Natural Series:

13" HiHats H

18" china


Paiste 21" Dark Energy Ride


Vibra 20" ride H


Wuhan 12" EFX china




8" AA splash

10" AAX splash

16" AAXplosion crash

16" AA crash

18" AA crash/ride El Sabor

13" AA HiHats

17" HH crash


Zildjian 22" gong, Paiste Accent gongs (6", 10", 12", 22")


Ship's bell. Various cowbells. Vibraslap. Bar chimes.


Tama Iron Cobra double pedal and Iron Cobra Velo Glide hihat pedal. Boom cymbal stands plus asst. Pearl h/w.


 Evans EC2 heads on toms (top) and bass drum batter. Evans EMAD on bass drum (front). Remo Ebony on toms (bottom), Ambassador coated on snare.Ambassadors on the Hayman kit.


Hardcase cases.
Keyboards: Jen SX1000/Fatar SL990 Pro with Vintage Keys module.


The 19" UFIP class crash - Click it for the UFIP site.

Drumset for Noddys Puncture 2007

Noddys P set up

The drumset for aNODDYS PUNCTURE show:
8" & 10" concert toms, 8", 10", 12", 14", 16" toms, 22" bass drum, 14" Dennis Chambers snare. All the UFIPs and a Sabian 8" AA, 12" Wuhan china EFX, 20" Vibra ride. Plus Roland SPD pads and the alarm bell!
Also used are the gongs and more recently an analogue synth (Jen SX1000) for the 'Toccata' section of the drum solo.

Noson Lawen TV show May 06
The kit for S4C TV show w/Ryland Teifi .

MORICO Ltd.  UK UFIP suppliers.





Vater Sticks:
Sugar Maple 5A
Steve's Hitmaker
Los Angeles 5A
ProMark sticks:
Carl Palmer model
Hot Rods